Sandedp Kumar (Executive Director DeskĀ )

"The education of most value is that which draws out the faculties of a student so as to enable him or her to solve the problems of Life !" - Mahatma Gandhi 

India has made rapid stride into 21st. Century and has progressed as a nation from strength to strength in almost every aspect. With its rich blend of traditional values and cultural heritage and the modernity brought in by cross cultural integration of the global village, India is on a fascinating threshold for striking the right balance. The world is fast moving towards knowledge based society with free flow of information enabled by ever evolving communication and computing system. Technology has become indispensable even in our day to day life. The dynamics of the society today has changed dramatically and hence requires great deal of imagination, creativity, multiple skills, International mindedness, quick wittedness, an inherent power of anticipation and decision making to enable individuals to succeed in the global competitive scenario. A School today is entrusted with responsibility to expose children to the education system which is in tune with its time and also to hone their academic, mental, physical and emotional strength for their holistic development. We at St. Xavier's are committed to help our students to master the expanding horizons of technology, develop self awareness, academic excellence and global perspective, as also to become the repository of a deep commitment to Moral Values, Indian ethos and culture, so as to transform them into a true global citizen and to even better human being.